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The Mindset


My goal is to help you retrain your mindset while learning the basic core principles of scaling your business easily. Setting strategic goals that are personal to you and your business with proven success rates is where it all begins. 

We start off customizing a plan that compliments your business and your budget. Since we all have different goals and different mindsets we work together to retrain habits and procedures to aim your goal towards success! 

Professionalism and Experience


With over 21 years of expertise, a love of marketing, and compassion for businesses Heather Lefort opened iHeart Marketing. Her years of sales and marketing experience allowed her to bring her personal services to business owners with a one-on-one strategy. Leading iHeart Marketing with the highest level of integrity she assists businesses in achieving all of their marketing and sales goals with a planned effort. Whether you are brand building, looking for marketing guidance or need assistance measuring your strategies iHeart Marketing can help! We are a one-stop marketing solutions boutique.  

iHeart Marketing, Inc., is the parent company of Social Sparkz, a visionary agency focused on marketing and advertising, events, PR and brand building. In short, we make sparkz happen when it comes to your business!

Supportive Journey


Committing to my clients, their business and their goals is a planned journey. A journey we take together. Working one-on-one throughout your plan allows growth and assurance that your procedures and practices are well guided. This allows you to place focus on other strategies of your business knowing you are in a great place! 

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Research Information strictly geared toward the commercial artists community. Based on statistics from February 2017. 

Set Your Mindset

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Habitual Rituals


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Inspirational Time-Out

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